Under the auspices of the Diocese of Manchester, the Parish of the Assumption maintains two Catholic cemeteries: St. Mary Cemetery on Dover Point Road in southern Dover and St. Charles Cemetery on Rt. 108 in northern Dover. A third cemetery, Old St. Mary Cemetery in southern Dover, is maintained by the parish but can no longer accept burials.

Catholics, Christians, and non-Catholic spouses and family members of Catholics may be buried in these cemeteries.

Interment rights may be purchased at the parish office. Each full-size burial grave can accommodate one casket and two cremains urns or four cremains urns. One full-size burial grave can accommodate a flat marker; two graves are required for an upright marker. The cemeteries also have designated cremains spaces, with each grave holding up to two urns; and, again, two graves are required for an upright marker.

Burials are carried out throughout the year, with the exception of certain holidays. Burial costs vary depending upon the season and day of the week.

Only cut flowers in appropriate vessels are permitted in the cemeteries. Regular lawn maintenance requires that there be no planting of flowers or shrubs or placement of any items other than cut flowers at gravesites. However, Memorial Day floral arrangements or decorations (such as flags) may be placed at the base of monuments seven days before the federal holiday and removed by June 10.

PLEASE NOTE: Decorations, balloons, etc., are NOT permitted. All items in violation of cemetery rules will be removed. Due to safety concerns, shepherds’ hooks are no longer permitted. 

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