Parish Staff

Rev. Agapit H. Jean, Jr, Pastor – [email protected]

Rev. Ryan Amazeen, Parochial Vicar – [email protected]

Deacon Arnold Gustafson – [email protected]

Kerry Wolf, Administrative Assistant – [email protected]

Anne Fortin, Bulletin Editor – [email protected]

Anne Fortin and Kerry Wolf, Cemetery Contacts – [email protected]

Megan Licata, Classroom Model Rel. Ed. (Grades K-5) – [email protected]

Sheila Cronin, Family Model Rel. Ed. (Grades K-5) – [email protected]

Kristen Lotz, The Edge Rel. Ed. (Grades 6-8) – [email protected]

Kristen Lotz, Assumption Youth Ministries (Grades 9-12) – [email protected]

Denise Speechley, Social Media Coordinator – [email protected]