Youth Ministries (Grades 10-12)

Youth Ministry: 10th-12th

This program will focus on a good balance of prayer, formation, and fellowship.  It will continue to utilize the growth from our Exploring our Faith program to help students understand how they fit into our larger Faith Community.  Discussions of the different ministries of our parish will be a key part of our program. There will also be cross promoting with the Young Life program established at other churches in our area. This is an opportunity to meet different young adults in the seacoast who share the love of Christ.  Monthly service options will also be available to help our larger faith community. This program will meet twice monthly.  It will also allow for fellowship through meeting with like-minded high school students.

Teen Ministry upcoming events: To be announced.

Email Megan at [email protected] for more information or call the Parish office, 742-8868 with any questions.